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Fiction in all genres from obooko
pdf, epub and kindle digital formats

Genuinely free ebooks in pdf, epub and kindle formats to download without charge!

Access to current titles in popular digital formats is gratis. We genuinely do not want your money, we just want you to enjoy reading legally distributed books written by fantastic independent authors from around the world.
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Some of our e-books are in PDF only, but you may need files for your kindle or ipad. Happily, you can convert pdf to your favourite filetype with this Conversion software. Converters and readers
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Our objective is to offer everyone access to download free literature online. Why no charges? Because not everyone in the world can afford to buy printed works. But most folks do have access to a computer or handheld device connected to the Internet. With this in mind we created and developed obooko to encourage and help people to keep on reading, regardless of means.
We distribute three file formats: PDF, EPUB and KINDLE. PDF is the oldest and still the most popular file format and one of the most efficient ways of distributing digital fiction and non-fiction. PDF (Portable Document Format) is the same format used for commercial printing so it's the closest you'll get to a 'real' book; the visual integrity of the document cover and layout being retained. You'll need a PDF Reader app but most devices come already shipped with one. Not everyone owns or can afford to own a dedicated Ebook-Reader, but most people have access to a desktop computer, laptop or tablet. However, while PDFs can be read on many devices, because the page width is usually fixed it is not ideal for small screen sizes like mobile phones. Printing of PDF files for personal use is encouraged. By printing and binding at home, our members can enjoy the benefits of viewing tangible pages and cover art. What's more, it gives schools, colleges and hospitals in under-developed countries the option to print a few copies of e-books that, under normal circumstances, they would never be able to access or afford.

EPUB (Electronic Publication) is the most versatile format and is perfect for small screen sizes. Our EPUB ebooks are open standard and can be read on most IOS and Android mobile phones. What's more, EPUB titles can be viewed on your desktop computer, laptop and tablet too with appropriate apps. The main feature of ePub format is text optimisation, whereby text can flow and wrap to the screen width, whatever its size, which means the font size does not have to be zoomed or reduced. Most handheld devices now come with an ePub reader built in but you can obtain a variety of ePub apps online.

The third format we distribute is for KINDLE devices and apps. KINDLE apps can be used for desktops, laptops, tablets and phones - you don't have to own an Amazon Kindle device. While Kindle readers and apps fordevices and apps can read PDFs, they can't read EPUB files. Amazon's native file format is AZW (Amazon Word,) which is a proprietary filetype and is generally DRM protected. However, DRM-free titles can be obtained in AZW format - we have a few on obooko. To ensure our files can be used on all Kindle apps and devices, we choose to distribute MOBI (Mobipocket) files, which are similar in effect to EPUB files but can be viewed on the Kindle platform without DRM.

What exactly is an e-book? The Oxford Dictionary of English defines the word as, "an electronic version of a printed book." Today, however, many modern works are written purely for digital distribution. While many established authors create digital copies to complement their print sales, more new writers are distributing their work without charge on sites like obooko as a first step towards traditional publishing. There are many digital formats, mainly for handheld e-Readers, including mobi for Kindle and ePub for Sony, Kobo, Nook, iPad, and others like Android for mobile phones, cell phones, tablets and smartphones.

Obooko also offers free ebook publishing for authors, providing an opportunity for new and established writers from all parts of the World to self-publish and promote their work free of charge. By removing barriers and making it easy to put their stories online and in front of an audience, we hope to allay the fears that prevent new writers publishing their work. By offering gratis copies of digital literature, under Standard Copyright or Creative Commons licences, authors can benefit from valuable feedback from obooko members. This can be used to improve a story before it is listed for sale on retail sites or sent to publishers for consideration. But most of our authors write to be read and continue to have their work listed on obooko for many years.

Think of our site as a showcase or shop window for new and established independent writers who wish to share their work online. And commercially published writers too. It's gratis publicity that will help build an author's goodwill and reputation. There are no fees, charges or commissions nor is there a contract to sign, and authors are free to promote their literature online for download wherever they wish outside obooko.

If it's your first time and you aren't sure how to format your writing, why not use one of our book templates? Our templates contain easy to follow instructions and are available in four different page sizes.

We tend not to blow our own horn but, way back in 2011 obooko won an award! Our humble little website was awarded first place in a digital lterature competition, hosted by New York Times company, About.com.

So, whatever your device, whatever your taste in reading, we have over 2000 contemporary ebooks free and ready for you to download and read now! Don't forget to share our pages and tell your friends where you get your digital reads - obooko!

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Romance, Thrillers, Horror, you name it, we've got it! For your desktop, laptop, eReader, tablet or phone.

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Over two thousand Ebooks Over 2000 contemporary fiction and non-fiction titles by independent authors

We don't want your money ...

Obooko e-books are genuinely free of any chargesYou may download as many e-books as you wish to your computer, kindle, iPad, smartphone or other handheld device - there is nothing to pay - and each book is legally distributed in compliance with international Copyright law. As responsible website operators, we at obooko can guarantee that all literature on this site is licensed for free distribution and may be downloaded legally in the U.S., United Kingdom and most other countries.