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free ebooks in all genres from obooko
download e-books in pdf, epub and kindle formats
Access to this site and every ebook you download is gratis. We don't want your money, we just want you to read our wonderful books. Head over to our Facebook page where we list some of our latest titles . Don't forget to 'Like' us!
We are gradually introducing two more digital formats: ePub and and Kindle. In the meantime you can convert PDFs to the best file for your eReader or Smartphone with this free PDF Converter. Converters and readers
Also download the latest ebook file Readers.
Authors publishing on obooko do not receive any payment or compensation, other than knowing that you are reading their work. Imagine the delight at receiving a message from you in their inbox: just a brief note to thank them or to say how much you enjoyed their work. Click the feedback link on their download page, where you can also leave a star-rating.

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Yes, every book you see is free!

• All files are hosted on obooko servers: no outside links to follow
• Download fiction and non-fiction in either pdf, epub or kindle file formats
• For your peace of mind all e-book titles are DISTRIBUTED LEGALLY
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Hundreds of contemporary ebooks in various digital file formats for computers and eReader devices. There's no charge to join so please tell your friends about obooko!

No charges whatsoever ...
With hundreds of eBooks available in a wide range of genres and categories, obooko can provide the perfect answer for readers searching for contemporary literature that comes without hidden charges. Unlike many other free ebook sites, use of this website is genuinely without charge and there is absolutely no obligation whatsoever to buy products or pay membership fees or upgrades. So go ahead and download your favourite ebook titles to your heart's content without fear of being charged in any way. And don't forget to spread the word and tell your friends about us!


For Your Peace of Mind ...
As responsible website operators, we can guarantee that all of the free ebooks on this website are distributed legally. Which means we are officially authorised to host and distribute every e-book you see. You won't find Harry Potter titles or 50 Shades of Grey here! We upholds the rights of our authors and all aspects of international Copyright law. Please don't support digital piracy: keep well away from illegal ebook download sites and use only genuine services like obooko.com

What is an e-book anyway?
The Oxford Dictionary of English definition is: "an electronic version of a printed book." Today, however, many works of fiction and non-fiction are written purely for digital distribution. While many established authors create free ebook downloads to complement their print sales, more new writers are distributing their work in the form of eBooks on legal download sites like ours as a first step towards traditional publishing. Our most popular format is PDF but we also offer ePub and Kindle files wherever possible. All of the fiction and non-fiction listed and published on this site is selected and assessed carefully, so you can be sure of reading literature written to a high standard both creatively and technically.