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Download all ebooks in pdf, epub and kindle formats.

We have hundreds (over 2300 actually!) of contemporary books available in pdf, epub and kindle file formats, ready for download to computers, tablets, eReaders and phones.
Why Obooko?
Our objective is to offer everyone access to contemporary free ebooks without charge. While most folks have access to a computer or mobile device connected to the Internet, not every person in the world can afford to buy books. With this in mind, we developed the obooko website as a global platform for readers to obtain quality digital books legally, regardless of means. There are no fees or charges for registration or to download free e-books. Unlike other sites though, you may transfer books in ANY digital format to your device.

Why are PDF eBooks still a favourite?
PDF (Portable Document Format) is the oldest and still the most popular e-book document format on the Web and one of the most efficient ways of publishing and distributing digital books. This filetype is the same as that is used for printed paperbacks so it's the closest you'll get to the 'real' thing; the visual integrity of the document cover and layout being retained. You'll need a PDF Reader app, but most devices come with one already installed. Not everyone owns or can afford to own a dedicated Ebook-Reading device, but there are many people who have access to the technology required: a desktop computer, laptop or tablet running Microsoft Windows, Apple IOS or Android. However, while PDF ebooks can be read free online or offline on many devices,, because the page width is usually fixed, this does not make it ideal for those who read e Books using small screen sizes like those on mobile phones. The best format for smaller screen sizes is ePub.

What are Free EPUB books?
Epub (Electronic Publication) is the most versatile free ebook download format and is ideal for small screen sizes ... so it's perfect for tablets and mobile phones. The epub books on obooko are open standard and can be read on most devices installed with the technology and apps to support the epub format. What's more, they can be viewed on your desktop computer and laptop too. You can find out more about the free ePub ebooks format on the Internet over at the IDPF. The main feature of the ePub file-type is text optimisation, whereby text can flow and wrap to the screen width, whatever its size, which means the font size does not have to be zoomed or reduced as it has to be with fixed pages like PDF. Most handheld devices now come with a dedicated epub reader built in, but there are many eReader apps available online.

Reading free KINDLE books
The third e-book format we distribute is KINDLE, which is exclusively for use by those who have Amazon readers or apps installed on their devices. The kindle app (application) can be used for desktops, laptops, tablets and phones connected to the Web - there is no requirement to own a dedicated Amazon tablet. While apps for these devices can read portable document format files (PDF,) they can't read ePub ebook files, which makes Kindle apps unsuitable for readers who prefer the traditional ebook format. Amazon's native file format is AZW (Amazon Word,) which is a proprietary filetype and is generally DRM protected. However, DRM-free titles can be obtained in AZW format - we have a few here on the obooko website. You can find out more about the Kindle platform and get yourself an app. To ensure free books in our digital library can be read on all Kindle apps (for Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, and Android phones) and devices, we choose to distribute MOBI (Mobipocket) files, which can be viewed on the Amazon platform without DRM.

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Check out some of our most popular free e-books:

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BRITANNIA by Letitia Coyne
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A Dark Kiss of Rapture by Sylvia Day
Nurse becky Gets Shot. By Gary Baker
Black & White by Lewis Shiner
Star Dragon by Mike Brotherton

We genuinely don't want your money. Free truly means Free.
Obooko e-books are genuinely without charge All free e-books are hosted on our servers, which means you may transfer as many books as you wish to your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or phone without having to follow outside links. What's more, there are no upgrades, charges or fees whatsoever for different formats: our e-books are available IN ANY VERSION without paying a penny. And, for your peace of mind, every e-book is legally authorized and licensed by the author for worldwide publication by obooko, so you can be certain that all books on the obooko website may be downloaded legally.