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Enjoy reading Ebooks Free! Absolutely no hidden charges.

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As responsible website operators, we at obooko can guarantee that our free ebooks are distributed legally. This means each e-book has been authorized and licensed by the author for free distribution on the obooko.com website. Free ebooks cannot be 'posted' on our site by members of the public. Your confidence and online safety are important to us, so please accept our assurance that you are not infringing copyright law or inadvertently being involved in digital piracy by downloading from this site.
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With hundreds of eBooks free and available in a wide range of genres and categories, obooko can provide the perfect answer for readers searching for contemporary literature that comes without hidden charges. Unlike many other download sites, use of this website is genuinely without charge and there is absolutely no obligation whatsoever. You are free to print and bind PDF ebooks too! So go ahead and download your favourite ebook titles to your heart's content without fear of being charged in any way. And don't forget to spread the word and tell your friends about us!

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Our authors don't receive a penny for allowing you to download and read their ebooks free, so when you finish reading a book, please return to the author's download page and give it a star rating. You can also use the Feedback link to tell the author how much you like their book online, point out typo's or ask when their next novel is likely to be penned. Giving regular feedback ensures authors keep their work available for free ebooks download on obooko.

Want ebooks for free? with hundreds of free novels and non fiction e-books freely available in a wide range of categories, obooko can provide you with quality free ebooks that won't cost you a penny. And there is no obligation to buy anything or upgrade your membership ever. If we charged you for membership how could the ebooks be free? Keep your money in your pocket and enjoy some fantastic free reads! Download free ebooks pdf and epub too. With a range of free novels and non-fiction ebooks to suit all tastes, obooko can provide you with a continually updated source of digital books for your computer, eReader or smartphone. Our ebooks are a great source for book club suggestions so don't forget to post and comment about your favourite titles.

What is obooko? It's a website that does two things: first, it makes contemporary fiction and non-fiction available to anyone in the world. Second, it offers writers the opportunity to showcase their work to a global audience free of charge.

Free ebooks from obooko do not contain sneaky advertising links to dodgy websites trying to sell you get-rich-quick garbage. Neither do we allow advertising inside our free books: when you download one of our novels, you won’t find any nasty surprises. No links, no software promotions, no affiliate links no advertising … just words!

All ebooks are hosted in our secure repository, so you don't have to follow links to other websites to get your ebooks free. Just click and download! All we ask in return is that you register as a member so that you can rate and comment on the books you read.

What’s more, you will notice the quality of formatting of our e-books is superior to that provided on many other download sites. We convert manuscripts manually to ensure text is legible and optimized for your device. Unfortunately, some of our competitors will accept poorly formatted books and offer them for download: this shows total disregard for the end user … You.

One website we can recommend however is Project Gutenberg, a site that’s been around for a long time and offers the largest collection of classics, out-of-print and public domain ebooks on the Net. Well worth checking out.

There's no catch. Our mission is to encourage as many people as possible to write by making self-publishing free and simple. We also want to help people discover or regain the pleasure of reading free ebooks by making legally distributed literature available to everyone, regardless of means. The obooko website is brought to you with the goodwill of all our contributing writers.

There's a book in everyone! We appreciate that not everyone has the inclination or ability to write, yet each of us has a story to tell or interests, hobbies, skills, knowledge, experiences, beliefs or ideas to impart. But of those who can and want to write, there are hundreds of thousands who never put pen to paper, or finger to keyboard, because they fear being rejected by publishers. Fear of rejection by publishers is not unfounded: from tens of thousands of unsolicited manuscripts submitted to trade book publishers, perhaps only one will be selected and published. So why set yourself up to be shot down? If your prime concern is to have people read your work rather than to make money from it, you now have the opportunity to publish free on obooko.

Our ebooks are genuinely free: no membership fees, no charges, zilch, nada, nowt ...

Every book listed in our free ebooks categories is yours to keep without incurring any charge whatsoever. We will NEVER ask you for money, in any form or by any means, to download free ebooks from obooko. So keep your cash in your pocket and enjoy some fantastic free reads with the compliments of our wonderful authors.

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