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Watershed by C. C. Phillips
Sleaford Noir 1 by Morris Kenyon
Harvest by L E Fitzpatrick
Keyhole Island by Charles Coiro
What Happened To The Morning Tide by Peter John
Swansea to Paddington by Peter John
The Farm by Max M. Power
Keyhole Island by Charles Coiro
The echoes of Solon By D S S Atkinson
Dieselpunk ePulp Showcase 2 - John Picha
Dystopia 2022. By Kevin O'Kane
Secrets: Return of the Guardian, Book 1 By Jackie Jones
Blood Guardians By Heidi Willard
The Unwilling Adventurer By Heidi Willard
Agent with a History By Guy S. Stanton III
Journey into the Deep By Guy S. Stanton III
Dodd's Army: Castello By John R Smith
Otheris and the Serpents of Qhudrus. By Richard Shekari
Brainrush. By Richard Bard
Gifted. By Richard Bard
Anna the Human. By Richard Shekari
Aaricia and the Noland Army. By Richard Shekari
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Action-packed Omaha by Kevin O'Kane is a popular free ebook download. Here's an excerpt: 'Mike's bullet pocked car thumps west on the segmented concrete road slabs past scattered truck stops, farms, silos, grim towns, endless fence posts and barren winter fields upon which prowl great flocks of black birds. The sky is dark ahead. Fast moving clouds churn above and the wind continues to build from the southeast. The radio station in Des Moines says there'll be two feet of snow by morning with gale winds along with severe blowing and drifting ...