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The Vamanwolf: The First Holocaust - S.S. Raees

Free ebook: fantasy
Genre/Category: Fantasy Books
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The Vamanwolf: The First Holocaust by S.S. Raees
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Ebook Synopsis

Christopher  Lois,  a  typical  teenager  of  13  who  runs  away  from  home after  a  quarrel  with his  mother.  Upon  leaving  home,  he  is  exposed  to  dangers  beyond  his  wildest  imagination. He  ends  up  transforming  into  a  vampire  by  three  vampires  set  out  on  a  mission  to  destroy  the  Waeroherias,  also  known  as  Werewolves.  When  he  wakes  up  after  the  transformation,  he  finds  himself  in  the  Cave  of  the  Moon.  He,  being  the  owner  of  the  Golden  Diamond,  said  to  have  powers  to  lead  them  on  their  way  to  the  Sacred  Lands  of  Gods  manages  to  open  and  all  four  of  them  are  sucked  into  the  diamond ...