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A Magical History - Book 1 of The Mauve Legacy
by Emma Hart

Genre/Category: Fantasy Books
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A Magical History - Book 1 of The Mauve Legacy by Emma Hart
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Ebook Synopsis

Download book 2 and 3: Truth, Lies and Betrayal;  The Beginning Of The End

Lily Mauve's parents move her 1700 miles across the country to the town of Salem and into the 400 year old family home. It's here Lily discovers the extensive magical history of the Mauve family, learns about her own powers and falls deeply in love with her new best friend's brother. She meets family she never knew she had, but she quickly grows to love them. She allies with vampires, creatures she thought were made up. Everything is tipped upside down when one of her new friends is hurt at the Homecoming dance because of who she is, and when the attempts on Lily's life start she realises fear is no longer an option. Her Uncle eventually lets slip the true meaning of her Grand-mamar's prophecy and Lily's world changes. She wants to go quietly, save the people she loves but her rare mental connection with Ava means Ava knows her every thought, and she won't let her go. But ultimately, she must fight for the safety of those closest to her, even when lightning strikes
 and her family's world is shattered.

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