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Morinda's Desire, a Vampire Story by Geoff Lynch. Free ebook: fantasy

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Morinda's Desire, a Vampire Story by Geoff Lynch
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Ebook Synopsis

Mature readers only. This book is written for readers aged 17+

Morinda's Desire, a Vampire Story is the screwed up mystery story about a diabetic vampire, a schizophrenic troll and her lesbian girl friend, a corrupt newspaper publisher, a mysterious death and a family of abusive ogre’s. It is small town, lies, cheating, sex and everything you would hear in a bar.

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A loud rapping on the door got the attention of Mrs. Emily Baker and her husband Chuck who were sitting in their living room watching television. The Bakers, both in their late sixties, lived in the same farmhouse they bought when they were married and still enjoy the quiet of the country after retiring from farming for forty years. Chuck sat like a statue staring at the television as his wife got off her chair to answer the door. She opened the door to find a young woman standing in the dark of the evening looking a bit ragged and desperate for help. “What can I do for you honey?” Emily asked.

“I’m sorry to bother you, I don’t usually do this, but I haven’t eaten in days and I was wondering if you had anything you could spare?” the young woman asked. Her name was Morinda, and she had been on her own living off the kindness of strangers ever since her boyfriend and she broke up some time ago.

“Come right in,” Emily stated holding open the door.

Morinda stepped inside and looked around the living room and saw Chuck sitting in his recliner with the remote in his hand flicking through channels. Chuck, a short fat bald man wearing coveralls and smoking a pipe barely turned his head to look at the woman at the door.

“Thanks,” Morinda replied and followed Emily to the kitchen.

Emily motioned for Morinda to have a seat at the counter next to the stove while looking through her refrigerator for something she could whip up for their house guest. “Anything in particular you like?” Emily asked.

“I’m not picky, some cereal would be fine,” Morinda replied. Then Morinda was startled when she noticed Chuck walk up behind her and stop out of her view. Emily nodded at Chuck and he continued down the hall walking down the steps to the basement.

“Chuck is a man of few words,” Emily said with a smile. “Been that way since I met him in high school.”

Morinda, a bit creeped out by Chuck and his lack of word usage, tried to act like it didn’t bother her. Emily retrieved a bowl from the cupboard, set it down in front of Morinda and went around the backside to fetch a few boxes of cereal. While she was digging for the boxes, she reached up to the top shelf and removed a small bottle and set it on the counter out of sight from Morinda.

“What would you like to drink?” Emily asked. “We have milk, tea, and some fruit punch.”

“Fruit punch would be fine,” Morinda replied looking around at the severely out of date kitchen appliances and old antique style decorations that lined every open surface.

Emily poured Morinda some fruit punch and used the dropper from the bottle she hid to lace her drink with Gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB), a date rape drug. She came around the counter with the drink followed by a gallon of milk and several boxes of dry cereal. “You take your time honey,” Emily said, “I’m going downstairs to check on Chuck, if you need anything else help yourself or yell downstairs ok?”


Morinda woke to the face of Chuck who was lying on top of her pounding away and sweating like a pig. Her hands were tied together above her, held in place by Emily who was helping her husband rape her. She could feel a mattress underneath her, but she was so low to the ground she knew there was no bed, and all around her were boxes of crap and a basement full of papers, tools and junk.

Chucks fat belly dug into Morinda and made it difficult for her to breathe, especially when he would pump deeper and harder panting like a jogger with asthma. His breath stunk of tobacco and his chest hair looked like a dirty welcome mat that had been walked on too many times.

“What are you doing?” Morinda yelled knowing full well

the answer.

“She woke up!” Chuck yelled to Emily. “You didn’t use enough!”

In an instant, Morinda pulled her hands from Emily’s grasp, tore apart the restraints, grabbed Chuck by the head and dug her fangs into his neck. Chuck gasped with shock and tried to pull away, but Morinda continued to suck the blood from his neck anticipating Emily’s attack at anytime. It took a good two minutes to subdue Chuck and end his life and Emily did nothing to stop Morinda from killing him.

Morinda, blood dripping from her mouth turned her attention to Emily, who sat with her back against the wall fearing for her life. “Why?” Morinda asked.

“If I didn’t help, he would leave me,” Emily replied.

“How long have you been helping him rape innocent girls?”

“I can’t remember, please don’t kill me,”

Morinda crept over to Emily slowly who was cowering against the cinder block wall. “What do you do with the girls when you are done with them?”

“We kill them and bury them out in the field,” Emily replied timidly.

“How many?”

“Less than twenty,” Emily replied.

Morinda, horrified herself at this revelation looked upon Emily with disgust and anger. “You enabled this sick f**k to rape and murder? Just so he wouldn’t leave you?” Morinda looked at Emily and stared her in the eye waiting for an answer. She got no answer, just a blank horrified stare, so Morinda lunged at Emily and tore into her neck the same way she did Chuck and bled her until she lay limp and dead on the floor.

Now she needed a blade.