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Infinite Limits by J.C. Bell
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Category: Fantasy Book, Horror Novel
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Infinite Limits by J.C. Bell
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Ebook Synopsis

The Rift . . . a gateway through worlds. Created by the gods to bind the universe as one, it has instead become the conduit by which the Plague has spread. One after another the civilized worlds have fallen prey to the Dark Army and its limitless hunger. Now, only one world remains to stop their conquest – one world left to quench the hunger of a billion worlds worth of Infected.

In a universe once filled with a multitude a races, there now exists but four. Under the shadow of their Great Wall, the allied forces of humans, elves, dwarves and giants watch the Rift, awaiting the inevitable . . . the coming of the Plague and the end of all creation.

After hundreds of years, their wait has come to an end. The Rift has awoken. The Plague has found their world at last . . .

Even though they are strong, hardened survivors, they cannot hope to stand before the vastness of the Plague. Only the children of the gods, their Chosen ones, have the power to drive the Dark Army away. Hidden in the ranks of the living, the powers of the Chosen grow -- but as their powers grow, so too grows the chance that they will unleash a force more devastating than even the Plague.

Will the Chosen find a way to control their power and return the universe to the Maker’s path? Or will they be the final failure of the gods, and wash away all of reality?

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