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The Wizard That Wasn't by Ben Rovik

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Category: Fantasy Book, Action and Adventure
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The Wizard That Wasn't by Ben Rovik
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Ebook Synopsis

The Wizard That Wasn't: Book One of Mechanized Wizardry.

Horace Lundin doesn't believe in magic until the Petronaut technician sees its power firsthand.

What if magic didn’t have to be chaotic, messy, and unreliable, like the wizards who practice it? What if it could be as simple as throwing a switch? Inspired, Lundin and his colleagues build a music-box magician in the laboratory.

When Princess Naomi is laid low by dark magic, will it be human or clockwork wizardry that saves the day?

"Convincing & multidimensional characters... the dialogue is witty and fast-paced."

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