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Limits @ Infinity 1: The Immortals by J.C. Bell.
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Category: Fantasy Book, Horror Novel
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Limits @ Infinity 1 by J.C. Bell
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Ebook Synopsis

The elven home-world lies in ruin, a victim to the Plague. What was once a lush paradise filled with life, is now a lifeless shell. The giant tree and godlike symbol of their world, the Graelic, has been corrupted by the very essence of the Void. What was once a bastion of purity for all of the worlds, has become the greatest evil the universe has ever known. Led by the most blessed of the Elder Gods, Anon, a group returns to the corrupt world to save the one being capable of stopping the evil tree. But after they are betrayed by one of their own, Anon must join forces with one of the very demons that created the Plague. Together, the Elder God and the demon must journey to the utmost heights of the Graelic and free the elf prince before the secret of his people – their immunity and immortality -- is lost, and the genetic line of the elves comes to an end.

To save Prince Adros, Anon must die.

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