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Avalon: Trail of the Tor by Liz Marx
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Genre/Category: Fantasy Books
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Avalon: Trail of the Tor by Liz Marx
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When the last descendant of the legendary wizard Merlin left in Avalon dies, it is up to Connor Evans to take his children back to the isle in order to save it, unaware of the new dangers lurking in every corner of his new home.

Long before his death, Merlin created a blood spell to ensure that Avalon would cease to exist the second his blood was no longer present on the isle. Unbeknownst to anyone – even Merlin himself, he had fathered a child and therefore the isle’s existence continued. In modern day England, Connor Evans lives with his two teenaged twins Caleb and Chloe, having fled Avalon after his wife’s death. When his father in law is on his death bed, it is time for Connor to take his children back to Avalon to ensure that the isle would continue to exist and be home to the various magical creatures inhabiting it. Connor is unaware, however, of the various dangers his children would have to face – including a woman who used to be his friend and is now intent on destroying the island in order to set magic free upon the outside world.