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Limits @ Infinity 2: The Chosen by J.C. Bell
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Category: Fantasy Book, Horror Novel
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Limits @ Infinity 2: The Chosen by J.C. Bell
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Ebook Synopsis

They’re coming . . . With the rubble of Shattered Rock at their backs, the Chosen make their way to Lock Core. Battered and weary, they trudge on; determined to find vengeance for those they lost, and peace for those that yet live.

The Dark Army is coming as well. Amassing its forces in the hellish worlds beyond the Rift, the Dark Army grows stronger than ever before. For now it merely tests the defenders -- toys with them . . . but soon the full assault will begin. Only with the Chosen at their side do the defenders hope to stand a chance.

He’s coming . . . Alec, the Destroyer. The one being in all of the universe who has ever halted the progression of the Plague. But he walks a different path . . . one that does not follow the design of the Maker.

. . . A path that has been crafted by the demon most responsible for the creation of the Plague.

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