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Secrets: Return of the Guardian, Book 1
By Jackie Jones

Genre/Category: Fantasy, Action & Adventure
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Secrets: Return of the Guardian, Book 1 By Jackie Jones
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Ebook Synopsis

On the surface Emma Cole’s life seems perfect. With looks, brains and superhuman abilities, there’s little that fazes her. That is, until she begins the search for her biological family.

Emma winds up in Rushwood, Oregon, where being the new fae girl in town is just the least of her worries.

Her biological father won’t rest until she’s dead, the fae’s Earthbound resistance expects her to lead them, and her only hope of making any of her troubles right, depends on a journey to a mystical place just beyond Earth’s realm.

Help comes from unlikely sources, but in a town like Rushwood, Emma’s seldom sure who she can trust.

With betrayal and deception the norm, resisting the charms of local boy Noah should be easy, yet Emma soon finds herself caught in a sexy, but dangerous romance.

Then there’s the matter of what she truly is, a guarded secret that when revealed, makes life as Emma Cole more perilous than she would have ever imagined.

Fans of YA Adventure & Action/Fantasy, strap in and hold on. This is just the beginning of Emma’s story . . .

AYESTRA CALLING, Return of the Guardian Trilogy, Book 2,
available October 28, 2015!

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