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Limits @ Infinity 3 & 4: The Servant and the Sanctuary by J.C. Bell

Category: Fantasy Book, Horror Novel
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Limits @ Infinity 3 & 4: The Servant and the Sanctuary by J.C. Bell
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Ebook Synopsis

Sevron . . . the vilest of all the Dead Gods. Even with the power of the Maker at his command, the Elder God Anon could not fully destroy him. He cannot be killed – perhaps the one and only true immortal in all of the universe. Pain brings him pleasure, while every wound he suffers only makes him stronger. He does not hunger for blood, as does his Brethren. He instead craves chaos, and seeks to reduce the universe to such.

But what Sevron craves most is the Sanctuary, world of the Elder Gods. By using one of their own, he seeks to tear a Rift into their home and flood its walls with the full might of the Dark Army.

Only a small force stands in his way; the last members of the elven race and their father, Prince Adros, plus a host of Magi and a mere ten elderly giants.

The allies set out on a rescue mission to save the gods, but when they enter their home they soon realize they have stepped into a massacre. With all their skills and powers combined, it seems impossible that even they will ever escape the Sanctuary . . .

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