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STOLEN - Adam Collins
Limits Infinity - The Chosen - J C Bell
The Golden Cage (A Dance of Dragons #1) By Kaitlyn Davis
Ignite (Midnight Fire #1) By Kaitlyn Davis
Book One of the Sons of Odin: Odin's Awakening By L.A. Hammer
The Forest of Evergreen: Lost in the Wilderness. By Teresa May B. Bandiola
The Unwilling Adventurer By Heidi Willard
Blood Guardians By Heidi Willard
Limits @ Infinity 3 & 4: The Servant and the Sanctuary by J.C. Bell
The Subtle Beauty By Ann Hunter
A Warrior's Redemption By Guy S. Stanton III
The Glurmin Chronicles Book 1: The Wand. By O.F. Onabolu
Guardians of the Rift By J.C. Bell
Tales of the Dreamer Witch By Tanya Ferris
The First. By Rebekah B. Barton
Love Boat, Life Boat - J. Bennington
Incarnation: Wandering Stars Volume One. By Jason Tesar
Winter Solstice, Winter.By E. J. Squires
Quest for Knowledge - Christopher Jackson-Ash
The People Beneath - Daniel Devine
The Path Towards the Inside -Isidora Vey
A Dance of Dragons: Free Series Starter Bundle - Kaitlyn Davis
Crimson Midnight. By Amos Cassidy
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From Hallsfoot's Battle by Anne Brooke: Everywhere in the mountain cave is dark. Even after the loss of the recent battle, Gelahn did not expect that he would be tumbled out of the world he had been hoping to conquer into this place of misery. In the end, his skills as mind-executioner had not proven enough and that sense of failure tastes like a greater darkness on his tongue. It is not a taste the mind-executioner is accustomed to. Now, his back is pressed solid against rock. It is not, of course, a dead rock, but a living, breathing entity ...