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This superb collection of fantasy books includes many sub-genres including contemporary, dark fantasy, urban fantasy, romantic and more, to suit your particular tastes. For the best selection of fantasy fiction stories, simply browse these pages and download the file-type that's most compatible with your device. We hope you thoroughly enjoy the fantastic worlds, realms, creatures and characters that are conjured from the well-crafted pages of quality fantasy fiction, penned by our talented independent authors. Our free fantasy books are available in three digital formats: pdf, epub and kindle.

The most highly-rated fantasy book on obooko is currently Delver Magic Book 1 by Jeff Inlo.

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Fantasy books have their beginnings rooted in myth and legend, generally having storylines based around magic and the supernatural. Fairy tales were the forerunners of fantasy writing as we know it today. Indeed, inspiration from mythology and folklore are the basis of many of today's fantasy movie screenplays. Modern fantasy stories also feature imaginary worlds, dimensions, realms and beings: elves, dwarves and goblins for instance. While the protagonists and main characters fantasy novels can be humanlike in form, fantastical beings and magical creatures are often integrated into fantasy plots. Unlike science fiction, which makes use of actual scientific principles, technology and probabilities. There are many sub-genres of fantasy available on obooko, including:
  • Dark Fantasy
  • Epic Fantasy
  • Sword and Sorcery
  • Romance Fantasy
  • Heroic Fantasy
  • High Fantasy
  • Modern Fantasy
  • Alternative History
  • Arthurian Fantasy
  • Comic Fantasy
  • Mystery Fantasy
  • Magic Realism
The sub-genre of Dark Fantasy borrows many of the elements used in horror and supernatural writing, often portraying darker, more sinister secondary worlds and environments; provoking feelings of terror and dread. Gruesome creatures and satanic-like forces are often written into these fantasy stories to increase the excitement and fear.

Contemporary and Urban Fantasy (which is usually situated in a city) books are set in the present time in our world but with occasional cross-overs to and from alternate realms. The use of magical powers and supernatural, mystical beings is often a hallmark of this sub-genre of fantasy.

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Free Fantasy eBooks

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Delver Magic, Sanctum's Breach by Jeff Inlo
Delver Magic, Throne of Vengance by Jeff Inlo
Delver Magic, Balance of Fate by Jeff Inlo
New Bridge to Lyndesfarne by Trevor Hopkins
Bridge at War by Trevor Hopkins
Death on the New Bridge by Trevor Hopkins
Bridge of Stone and Magic by Trevor Hopkins
Deviations: Covenant by Elissa Malcohn
Deviations: Appetite by Elissa Malcohn
Deviations-Destiny by Elissa Malcohn
Deviations-Bloodlines by Elissa Malcohn
Telzodo by Elissa Malcohn
Deviations: Second Covenant by Elissa Malcohn
Catastrophe's Spell by Mayer Alan Brenner
Spell of Intrigue by Mayer Alan Brenner
Spell of Fate by Mayer Alan Brenner
Spell of Apocalypse by Mayer Alan Brenner
Eaglethorpe Buxton and the Elven Princess by Wesley Allison
Eaglethorpe Buxton and the Sorceress by Wesley Allison
The Crooked Letter by Sean Williams
Two Cats: The Journals of Vincent Tucat, Volume1 by Aaron Kite
Jade Mouse: The Journals of Vincent Tucat, Volume2 by Aaron Kite
Daystrider by Jaye Patrick
Soul keeper by Jaye Patrick
Celtic Evil: A Fitzgerald Brother Novel: Roarke by Sierra Rose
Celtic Evil: A Fitzgerald Brothers Novel: Ian by Sierra Rose
The Ghosts of Earth by Paul Dore
The Prophet of Panamindorah - Book One by Abigail Hilton
The Prophet of Panamindorah - Book Two by Abigail Hilton
The Prophet of Panamindorah - Book Three by Abigail Hilton
Reading fantasy fiction has always been popular, but is becoming more so now because of the rise in fantasy movies that attract a new, younger audience to the genre; for instance The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, both penned by JRR Tolkien. And, the fabulous Game of Thrones written by George RR Martin. While the books rely on the reader's imagination to help develop characters and environments, the movie versions can bring to life the author's vision in totally new and exciting ways; especially with the use of CGI. So, reading words is different to watching pictures, but the essence of the fantasy writer's storytelling comes to life in your mind either way. As an obooko member, which do you prefer?