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Anna the Human
By Richard Shekari

Category: General & Literary Fiction Books
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Anna the Human - Richard Shekari
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It was late at night, I held firm with such tight grip the weapon I carried then I heard screams and as I looked around, all I could see was a burning bush; the entire place licked up by flames, the moon light blocked by a thick smoke that mantled the surroundings. All of a sudden, about three of them ran out of the bush with their body enshrouded with fire, something burst in the flames like big drums accompanied by a hissing sound which irrupted. The smell of sulphur and burning flesh took my nose hostage but for some reason, I stood and watched the horror with my feet grounded defensively. The invaders took siege of the bush holding their torches as they continued to set it ablaze. I went round and saw people being butchered by the invaders, anyone that jumped out of the burning bush was instantly killed. The sight was awful and it seemed there was nothing I could do.

I also noticed the invaders were bigger in size compared to the ones that were being hunted, burnt and killed. The sound of their voices and cries in the fire weakened my heart. I could not fathom why I was there or why I could not do anything. The attack was merciless, unspeakable and unthinkable.

While I watched, someone ran out of the burning bush and headed toward me, I could not lift my sword I just stood there dumbfounded. She walked to me without a single drop of fear and placed what she carried in my arms then begged me in a language I did not understand. My hands were larger than hers and so was my body compared to the size of her body, but the sight of me did not scare her as she looked me straight in the eyes and maundered with such a courageous tone. I did not get a good look at her face, the fire which was the only source of light stood behind her but I saw her eyes and she had no fear of me. I was amazed but before I could say anything as she ran away, one of the invaders sighted her and chased after her.

The thing she placed in my arms moved a bit, so I used the tip of my sword and unveiled it; the sight was astounding, the light from the moon shone upon it and it smiled confusingly and chuckled. I giggled in return leaving my mouth wide open in wonder as the two of us continued to look and stare at each other. It was a little human, it clenched my garment and chortled then its eyes turned from happy to a sad one. It looked me deep in the eye as though it was afraid of me, blinking its eyes repeatedly, I looked around then covered it slowly with the garment it was wrapped with, turned quickly and started to run.