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The Architect By David Antonelli
The Black Tide By David Antonelli
The Box of Dreams - Charles Coiro
The Unification (Anschluss) By Charles Coiro
Dubai By Charles Coiro
Sweet Anomalies -  S J Garrett
Atlas, Broken. By Jeremy Tyrrell
Disgraced in all of Koala Bay. By Mark Lawson
Rainbow Cafe. By CB Smith
A Quiet Place of One's Own. By Paul Hawkins
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A snippet from Happy People Live Here by C. Sean McGee: 'The Father had willingly adopted silence. It was just that, whenever she spoke, and whenever he was moved to respond, nothing ever came out. There was, he was sure, something that he wanted to say. But when he spoke, there was nothing but the sound of sweat being blown from his upper lip by his heavy, musky breath. His mouth though, it would open like mouths normally did. And his tongue, it would recede with the swirl of air that he took, as if some great quaking ...'