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My Pain, Fibromyalgia: My Prisoner of Pain
By Enez Ensenia

Genre/Category: Health Books, Self Help
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My Pain, Fibromyalgia: My Prisoner of Pain By Enez Ensenia
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Ebook Synopsis

My Pain, Fibromyalgia: My Prisoner of Pain was written mainly because I wanted to reach out and help anyone that I could, because I felt that when I was diagnosed I had no avenues to reach out to.

All I was told (after several years and several tests later) that I had Fibromyalgia. My doctor who diagnosed me, who is a wonderful doctor, but I had no idea what I had or how to even pronounce it! As of 2003 I've been educating me, my family and friends on this 'syndrome' that robs us of our mind and body.

I think I've had it all my life, but no one knew why I always complained that my legs or body hurt especially when the weather was changing. I know now I had this and wish everyday I was 'normal.' I just want to share my experiences with people that are struggling to understand this and maybe make them smile or laugh at my life with Fibromyalgia.

Hopefully I can help at least one person feel that they are not alone.

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