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Health and Personal Development Books

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Fail, Survive or Thrive. By Cassie and David Beattie
Cover Me; Living, Loving and Learning through Loss
Anger Management: Make Your Anger A Meditation. By Nitin Srivastava
Don’t worry be happy. By Baldev Bhatia
Basic Life Support (BLS) Provider Handbook. By Dr. Karl Disque
CPR, AED & First Aid Handbook. By Dr. Karl Disque
Our health books include The Nutrition Diet and Recipe Book, which is written from a self help viewpoint. This is a taster: 'Nutrition is the most important part of any diet. Our bodies need nutrients (Vitamins and Minerals) to function, to maintain itself and to be healthy. These nutrients come from the food we eat so it goes without saying that we need healthy nutritious food. I have written this book with that in mind and hope it will get you thinking about what you eat. With The Nutrition Diet you don't have to count calories, worry about low fat, low carb, high carb, etc, things ...