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Forever Fifteen by Kimberly Steele

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Genre/Category: Horror and Supernatural
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Forever Fifteen by Kimberly Steele
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Ebook Synopsis

Forever Fifteen follows our heroine, Lucy Albert, who is a vampire who is eternally stuck at fifteen years old. We meet Lucy in 1980’s high school as she languishes in detention hall.

Flashbacks of Lucy’s background takes us back to1340’s Renaissance Italy. Lucy is a normal girl who is thrown into an arranged marriage with a Florentine diplomat twice her age. She is fifteen, married, and pregnant when the bubonic plague (known historically as the Black Death) sweeps Europe, killing her family. Shortly after being struck by tragedy, Lucy is abducted by her doctor Sebastianus, who makes her his wife, traps her in his castle, and turns her into a vampire against her will. Eventually she escapes Sebastianus as she discovers how diabolical he truly is, however, life on her own is seldom easy ...

The sequel, Forever Fifteen II: Burial, is now available in Kindle format and Print.