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Free Horror Story & Supernatural ebooks

Earliest published books appear first. Newest books last. Latest books on last page.
The Blood That Bonds by Christopher Buecheler
Forever Fifteen by Kimberly Steele
Scarecrow by Darren G. Burton
The Variant Effect, Part 1 by G. Wells Taylor
The Haunted Way by Neil Wesson
Vampire Chronicle by Nik Edge
When Graveyards Yawn - G. Wells Taylor
Cruel World by John R Morgan
Over the Fence by Lowry Pei
Dormant by Kevin Cathy
Pazuzu - Manifestation by Matthew Sawyer
Free Ebook:
Blood of a Marionette by Timothy J. Sparklin
Sunset by Timothy J. Sparklin
A Collection of Ghost Stories - Vol. 1 by Neil Wesson
Echoes by Neil Wesson
Buried - Tom Baker
Matters of Mortology by T. M. Camp
Tales of Horror and the Supernatural by Graeme Winton
Demons by Shaun Whittington
HARD by Jack R. Dunn
Twisted Evil by Lorraine Maddocks
Hidden Highway by Tom Lichtenberg
Freak City by Tom Lichtenberg
Zombie Nights by Tom Lichtenberg
Mastering Id by JD Bennett
Shock Therapy by Edgar Arbogast
Odd Whitefeather by Nicholas Antinozzi
Brindle's Oddysey by Nicholas Antinozzi
Read this snippet from Nik Edge's horror story, Vampire Chronicle: 'As their virus spread, many people simply surrendered. A Los Angeles Times poll provided the sobering percentages: 68% wanted to be metamorphosed immediately, in order to cut prematurely the daily torture of waiting; 19% determined to struggle to the last, in hopes of some preternatural intervention; 13% undecided. Meanwhile, the President ordered the citizens to go about their daily activities, which would discourage the “freedom suckers.” So businesses kept the flow ... If you love reading horror stories you will find more in the main menu free ebooks epub, pdf and kindle