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Don't believe everything you read in books
By Dr Abb Led, PhD

Category: Funny Books and Stories
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Don't believe everything you read in books. By Dr Abb Led, PhD
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Ebook Synopsis

Don’t believe anything you read in this book.

Well, actually, some of it is true: The title on the front cover, the notes about the author at the end, even some parts of the Introduction.

Be warned!

This is a book of spoofs: Tall tales, fiction, made up stuff, even some lies (well, none of the articles are strictly true!) written in the form that might be used for newspaper stories.

The articles here are meant to be fun. Not ‘rolling about on the floor gasping for breath fun’, but rather, more cynical, ironic, fun. Perhaps mildly amusing?

The articles are also meant to make you stop a bit and think “Could this be really true? Did this really happen?” If they make you think a bit, then they will have done the job intended of them. I want to make you stop and think a bit about the world and what is happening in it. Particularly some of the ‘fantastic’ things. How much of what we read in the papers is, strictly speaking, ‘true’ (for a given value of ‘true’)?  If that happens, then I’ve done what I set out to do. If not: Well I can’t please everyone, and some people don’t want to think

I sometimes wonder if any of the things described in the articles have really happened somewhere, but that the Government (which Government?) has covered them up and suppressed all knowledge about them. Considering how bad Governments are at keeping secrets, I have to doubt it, though.

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