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Memoir, Biography and Autobiography ebooks

Earliest published books appear first. Newest books last. Latest books on last page.
Kittyhawk Pilot by Michel Lavigne and James Edwards
Yellow on the Outside, Shame on the Inside by Anson Chi
Mr Fenman's Farewell to His Readers by Michael Allen
Shattered Crystals by Mia Amalia Kanner & Eve Rosenzweig Kugler
Let Sleeping Lions Lie by Bob Curby
Carol from the life of Isa Moore
Mecca from the life of Isa Moore
The Process from the life of Isa Moore
In The Company of Strangers by Jim Haffner
The Little Yellow Bowl by Douglas M. Del Zotto
Girls on the Home Front by Ian Billingsley
Salute the Silent Hero by Ian Billingsley
Bad Hare Days by John Fitzgerald
American Bhogee - A Hip Oddyssy by Tai Eagle Oak
With Dreams Still Green by Charles Coiro
On the Rocks by Bryan Walker
True Calling by Laura Marie Patterson
Walking to Rome by Vincent J. Purcell
A Reason for Living by Billy Casper
The Extraordinary Life Of An Ordinary Baby Boomer by Charles Kaye
Stalking the Average Man by John Axelson
Stalking volume 2: The Bridge of reason by John Axelson
South of the Border with Chucho Villa by Lester de Adorjany
A Life in the Shadows of a Corporate Lawyer by Walt Jay
The Power of Us: Evolving Women One at a Time by Norma Casas
Don't Worry John, I love You by John C. Kirk
Worth Fighting For by Gabrielle Tennenbaum Radnor
In Shattered Crystals, Mia Amalia Kanner recounts the true story of her desperate struggle to save her family from annihilation in Nazi Germany and war-torn France. Yet this is much more than a Holocaust history. It is about a courageous Jewish woman who, on finding herself destitute, becomes a cook in a home for war-displaced Jewish children. She faces an agonising choice. Is giving up her three young daughters necessary to save their lives? Mia's odyssey is also a love story of a remarkable woman who secures her husband's release from Buchenwald ...