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Loopholes of Death - Ramasa Mojolwane
Fruit Amidst the Thorns By Roman New
Spiritual Evolution: From Flint Stones to Civil Tones - Roman New
GRIEF. By Erika Greene-Smith
The Way, the Truth and the Life: On Jesus Christ, the Man, the Mystic and the Rebel. By Swami Dhyan Giten
Worries Will Spoil Your Health - Baldev Bhatia
Positive Living Will Boost Your Immunity - Baldev Bhatia
Be Bold Be Strong Be Confident - Discard Worries Throw out Negativity. By Baldev Bhatia
Bridges for honest skeptics. By Joel Lntz
Anger Management: Make Your Anger A Meditation. By Nitin Srivastava
The Ultimate Book of Self Help. By Isidora Vey
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From Alan Orr's The Natural Mind: Waking Up vol1: I wrote this book as a two way conversation with you, the reader. As you progress through each topic, you will find sarcasm; humour; practical insight; dialogues; personal stories; questions; a screenplay with you as the actors; telephone conversations; and a personal deconstruction of the human condition, chipping away at all our actions, thoughts, beliefs and traditions, to uncover the natural mind: a mind free from conditioning, ready to explore life with compassion, open to new possibilities ...