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Reference books & Information

Earliest published books appear first. Newest books last. Latest books on last page.
Links and Factoids - Sam Vaknin
Persuasive Discipline by Carmen Y. Reyes
K'EKCHI GRAMMAR - An Introduction by George Max
Funforms, learn math the easy way - Joel S. Steinberg
Mandarin-English Dictionary - William Reading
A brief look at the History of Censorship by Darrell Wright
Battle of the River Plate by Pat Fogwill
A Great Deception - The Ruling Lamas' Policies
Composers, Artists & Groups by Mrs C A Hutchins
Advice to a Troubled PhD Student by Rod Pitcher
PhD Musings by Rod Pitcher
Metaphor Analysis Using MIP by Rod Pitcher
The Fresher's Handbook by Joanna Moore
Introduction to Statistics by Mortuza Ahmmed
Journal of Organic Systems Vol.7 No.2 - Various Authors
PhD Musings 2 by Rod Pitcher
Basic Home Security by Jacobus Kotze
Book of new Poetry Forms by Wendy Webb
Better Ways to Succeed in Aid and Development Work - Adi Walker, Bryan Walker, Richard Walker
How to Succeed with Distance Education by Dr. Bryan Walker
Hackers: An Anomalous Global Community by Rod Pitcher
Journal of Organics: Volume One, Number 1 Edited by John Paull
Composers, Artists & Groups by Mrs C A Hutchins is one of the information books currently favoured among our reference books - this is snippet: 'The Beatles, a British pop group from Liverpool, dominated the charts worldwide throughout the 1960’s and is universally recognised as the most popular and influential pop group of all time. The most frequently used of the various nicknames that were applied to the group was the fab four, which caught on after the release of the 1963 album. Disc jockeys quickly took up the phrase. They were also known as the moptops ...