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Romancing Adrienne by Ruth Ann Nordin
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Romancing Adrienne by Ruth Ann Nordin
Excerpt from the book

Adrienne spent the morning trying to teach Bonnie and Trudy how to make fried chicken. Their mother was actually interested and paid close attention but her daughters only half-listened. They actually took Trevor seriously and figured they needed to make her appear more feminine. As if she hadn't spent a good portion of her schooling learning how to act all dainty and gentle.

Finally, she had enough of their continual snickering when their mother wasn't in hearing range. She decided it was time to show them exactly who they were messing with, so she set up the fine china for the meal. She was shocked that they even owned such a nice dish set but Mrs. Howard told her it was a wedding gift and hadn't been used yet. This made sense since the girls were obviously brutish. Then she put on her “I'm at an important dinner and must be a lady” act. She set the utensils out in proper order, prepared a salad, a soup, the main course and dessert. She took out a beautiful tablecloth that had been stored in the closet for years and set it out. Next, she put out four candles and lit them. obooko.

She pulled the drapes closed so the lighting was dim but relaxing. She even took the time to lightly spray some perfume throughout the kitchen to set the mood for a romantic lunch. “We may call in the gentlemen for their meal,” she instructed. Bonnie and Trudy were too shocked by her sudden actions to protest. Mrs. Howard looked delighted to see the kitchen looking so wonderful. “I'm finally going to use my china set!” she exclaimed as she went to call the men in.