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Geneva's Hope by Payton Lee
Free ebook: Historical Romance

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Geneva's Hope by Payton Lee
Excerpt from the book

The first book in the Geneva Series

Kerry had restless dreams that night. She had tossed and turned so infuriated at Everett, and there was something else in her dreams. Kerry kept seeing Braden Wessex. She saw him in her mind and she felt tingles in her stomach. Why did she think Braden was so handsome? Was it because she adored little Ben? She really did adore little Ben. Waking up from an exceptionally sensual dream Kerry sighed and knew it was useless to try and sleep. Kerry dressed in her Sosoni’ buckskins and moccasins. Auntie Audrey hated her to wear her Indian dress in the city, so Kerry only wore it early in the morning whenever she took her rides, that way Auntie Audrey was never aware of her wearing the buckskins. Kerry tried to understand that Auntie Audrey had no idea how soft and functional the buckskins were.

The sun was just starting to peek over the horizon as Kerry slipped out of the hotel. She had put her hair up and placed a cowboy hat on her head. Kerry thought she gave the appearance of a pretty young man, and since the fringed buckskin jacket covered her to her mid thigh, and the trousers were loose enough so her curved calves were undefined, she could pass as a pretty young man and therefore was ignored as she left the hotel. Comments were made on her western dress, but that was all.

Kerry quickly walked to the stables where she could rent a horse. The ride in the park would be enjoyable. Kerry chose a black stallion since the stable master thought she was a young man.

Braden was also awake early in the morning. He had spent a restless night with conflicting emotions. Braden loved his deceased wife and found his thoughts continually drifting to the beautiful Kerry. Braden was still in shock at how quickly his beloved son had taken to the young woman, and how quickly he was attracted to her. Yes, he had taken to Kerry just as quickly as Bennett did. A ride in the park would be relaxing and he decided Bennett should be with him. Braden reveled in the happiness Bennett had displayed yesterday and wanted to keep it alive. Silently he slipped past Mildred Hudson's room in his hotel suites and opened the room next to hers to wake Bennett.