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Conquer my Heart by Payton Lee
Free ebook: Historical Romance

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Conquer my Heart by Payton Lee

A strong-willed stubborn woman, Leticia is raised in a convent during the Middle Ages. When she is informed she must marry a knight and produce heirs for her father and the kingdom, she is far from delighted. That is until she meets the handsome knight in quastion and finds a man with a gentle side and troubles of his own. Leticia also discovers she enjoys being mistress of the keep and the freedoms that are bestowed upon a Lady that could never be experienced in the convent. Unhappy about the marriage, Vincent is loyal and would still do anything for the King. It doesn't seem to be a great sacrifice however when he meets the beautiful Leticia. Vincent does not understand how to handle a wife and ends up putting his foot in it and attracting the queen's wrath. He readily admits Leticia is well worth the effort involved and concedes to her victory when he learns she has conquered his heart. obooko.