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Warrior's Prisoner by Lietha Wards
Fantasy romance

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Warrior's Prisoner by Lietha Wards
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On a world similar to ours, in a time before written records were kept, there were four kingdoms in a world with two suns. Years of feuding and warfare had made some people more disciplined and others extremely bitter.

One such kingdom, the Gierrer, were centered amid three others; natural selection had developed them to become strong, large and powerful in order to be able to defend their peopleand lands from the Esbiorn to the north. obooko.

Horror stories about the Gierrer had been heard by Princess Runa of the Esbiorn yet her father gave her hand in unity to another warring kingdom. The only route to her intended partner was via the Gierrer lands, home of her father's brutal enemies.

After time they were captured and Princess Runa caught the eye of one of the fiercest men she'd ever set eyes on. To save her sister and her mother she had to pledge loyalty.

As her life began to unravel the princess discovered that not everything is as it seems.

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