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I AM ADAM by James Twerell
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I AM ADAM by James Twerell
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Part of a chronicle examining the journeys of a mystical figure referred to as as Domatarious, a Messenger of God. He is responsible for preserving the truths of the Power of Love and Light within a new species known as humans. In the book we are introduced to the new human creation know as Adam.

The story considers the early years of creation when just eight humans, placed in different locations on around the world, learn to grow as individuals and as a community. Domatarious communicates with these first creations, instructing them in the fundementals of universal truth in order that they may dwell in harmony and fellowship. obooko.

Moving from the initial meeting of the male and female humans, to the conflicts produced by ego, the story reflects the struggle to remain human in a place of unification found only in the power of love. Taking a look through the eyes of these new life forms, one can discover their own weaknesses and stregths manifested in danger, jealousy, joy, passion, and principally, love. Understanding these primitive characters, we can view the beauty of life thatestablishes the foundation of all existence on this planet. This is a love story centred around the relationship of the Universe and its creation, and the journeys of the creation itself.

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