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City of Love by H. Gray
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City of Love by H. Gray
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Kate, a widowed mother of two teenage girls moves to Johannesburg after her husband dies, in the hopes of finding a better life.


Friday had finally come, and she was a ball of nerves by the time she left work. She hadn't asked John anything about his mystery friend because she didn't want to appear interested; but she was. She wanted to know his name, what he did for a living, his age, and everything else there was to know about him.

But the night didn't go according to plan. She dropped Hailey and Kiera off at Joan's for the night, and they seemed to be happy to visit their aunt. Then Kate went back home and showered; she dressed in black skinny jeans, a red cotton button-up blouse and red peep-toe wedges, and finished the outfit off with a blue denim jacket and a beaded necklace. She carefully applied her make-up and flat-ironed her already straight hair, making sure her fringe was perfect.

It was eight-fifteen when John called to say that they were waiting downstairs in the lobby, and grabbing her quaint black beaded purse on her way out, made her way down to the car. When she climbed in the back of the white Polo Sport, she noticed that she sat alone. She greeted John and he introduced her to Sheri, who was a pretty, petite blonde girl no older then twenty-five. She was polite and very pleasant, and Kate's worries that she might get the idea that she and her husband-to-be were involved in some way all but disappeared from her mind.

“Don't worry, he is going to meet us at Cats,” John said with a mischievous smile.

“Who?” Kate replied nonchalantly, pretending not to know who he was talking about.