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Guess What She Did? by Ann Rearden
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Category: Romance & Books for Women
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Guess What She Did? by Ann Rearden
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Georgina doesn't enjoy telling lies, but if her plan works, she'll make a quick win. As a result of her deception she nosedives deep inside the swirling pool of a wealthy California society's devious inhabitants: a shady vulture capitalist, a social-climbing diva, a wily racehorse trainer out of Kentucky, and scary smart detective, who is a uniquely beautiful woman in the grips of a strange obsession. Waht's more, the ever-so-agreeable Doctor Carmichael has just laid a smacker of a kiss right on Georgina's mouth.

Is it possible for her already crazy life get any more convoluted? Of course it can! Chuck in a dead body and an unexpected postmortem result, and watch Georgina's high-octane world come crashing down around her.

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