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Panther Path by Katherine Mary Young
Feline romance fantasy

Category: Romance & Books for Women
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Panther Path by Katherine Mary Young
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A love triangle within the panther clan endangers the lives of everyone involved. Luna, one of the rogues, falls in love with king Shabaka. Unfortunately he had already chosen Neema to be his mate. By using the help of an orphan cub named Kamilah, Luna hopes to get revenge on Neema. During the vicious plot however, Kamilah falls in love with prince Neema and Shabaka's son, Sethos. Will their relationship be affected by Luna's plan? Will Kamilah be suited as future queen of clan despite her dark past?

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The last clan of panthers in Egypt made their domicile in an abandoned temple. They were content with their lives; sheltered by the harsh and unpredictable weather of the desert. It was because of their security that they were able to flourish. Generation after generation of panthers was born, and eventually they formed a society. One dominant male was the ultimate protector of the clan, and he was viewed as the king. The first one to have such a role was Shabaka.

Shabaka was a gentle king who always put the safety of his clan first. He cared about every panther no matter how big or small. Like every king however, he couldn’t do the job alone. As he was approaching a more mature age, he decided it was time to search for a mate; one that was suitable to being a caring leader and a mother for his future cubs. He was picky about his final choice, and of coarse every female wanted to be with him.

Luna, a rogue panther that always deviated from the laws of the clan, was one panther in particular who fell head over paws in love with Shabaka the first moment she saw him. It all started when she was resting by the river bank. She normally made herself comfortable there during the afternoon while everyone else was inside the temple going about their daily routine. Shabaka went down to the river to get a drink.

Never in her life did Luna see such a perfect male. His well-groomed fur glistened in the sun and his eyes shined like emeralds. Trying to make herself more presentable, she stood up and purposely attracted Shabaka’s attention. “Nice day, isn’t it your highness?” she asked.

“Yes it is, and please call me Shabaka. After all, that’s my name.”

They both chuckled. “My name is Luna.”

“Pleasure to meat you, Luna.”

“It’s really more of a pleasure to meet you. So….rumor has it you’re looking for a mate. Did you find one yet?”

“As a matter of fact I did.”

“You don’t say? What’s she like?” Luna got it into her head that he was indirectly referring to her, but she was going to play along with his game.

“Well, she’s pretty, smart, sweet and funny.”

Luna blushed. “Sir, you’re too kind.”