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His Desert Fox by Katherine Mary Young
Animal fiction

Category: Romance & Books for Women
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His Desert Fox by Katherine Mary Young
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After her brothers are killed by a vicious caracal named Nukpana, Eve is under a lockdown rule in her own home. Her parents were paranoid about Nukpana would hunt her, so they concealed her from the outside world. Eve's future mate, Adam, finds the over protection cruel, so he sneaks her off to the oasis. Eve's parents go out searching for her after they find her missing, so she and Adam go looking for them. Knowing that they wouldn't approve of him for breaking their rule, Adam must win their hearts by proving how much he loves their daughter.

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The Sahara desert; home to some of the most exotic creatures known to science. One species in particular is the fennec fox. These nocturnal canines have giant ears that regulate their body heat and distinctive golden fur. They normally live on their own, but when the sun goes down the desert becomes fox city.

The fennec doesn’t have many natural enemies. However, there is one Sahara animal that strikes fear into all inhabitants; the caracal. The caracal, similar to North America’s bob cat, hunts small animals such as mice, birds, snakes and foxes. Paw prints in the sand are the only indication that a caracal was nearby (that and several missing neighbors).

There was a family of fennecs who lived by the river bank. Mr. and Mrs. Fennec had three pups; two boys (Gabriel and Shango) and a girl (Eve). There was some concern as to the predators that were near their den, but the river bank was the ideal nursery for any creature because of the lack of caracals. Hence, Mr. and Mrs. Fennec didn’t worry about supervising their pups as they played.

Eve was too young to romp with her brothers, so she was kept inside the burrow. Gabriel and Shango only went outside at sunset to escape the intense day time heat. “Can we play in the river now, mom?” Shango asked.

“Of coarse dear. Remember to come back inside for dinner.”

“We will.” It was getting darker and cooler when the two pups walked to the river; the perfect time for a caracal to hunt. Nukpana, the relentless caracal who terrorized the northern desert, usually stalked prey at night. When he heard movement near the river bank, he wasted no time in finding out what dinner awaited him.

“Hey! Stop splashing!” Gabriel yelled as Shango swiped water into his face. “If you do it again, I’m telling mom.”

“Cry baby!”

“I’m not a cry baby!” Shango’s taunting smile disappeared when he saw Nukpana behind Gabriel. “What’s wrong with you?”

“Don’t move and don’t make a sound.”

“What?” Gabriel turned around and screamed when he saw the giant caracal.

“What was that?” Mrs. Fennec said as she heard the screaming.

“It sounds like the boys,” Mr. Fennec answered. By the time they got outside, they found Nukpana carrying their sons away. “Hold it right there!”

Nukpana turned around and started to laugh. “What’s this? My prey is going to fight for its children. This should be interesting.” One swipe with his massive paws sent the Fennecs running back to the den. Nukpana picked up Gabriel and Shango once more and disappeared.

“My babies! That vicious caracal is going to eat them!” Mrs. Fennec cried.

“I’m sorry, but there’s nothing we can do.” From that day on, the Fennecs became paranoid about the world around them. Since they only had one child left, they were going to dedicate their lives to protect her. In doing so, Eve was never allowed to wonder away from the den. She never knew what it was like in the outside world because she was concealed in her own sanctuary sheltered from danger.