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When it all Falls Down by Sophia Ponton
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When it all Falls Down by Sophia Ponton
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Keira Ryan has never been the kind of girl to fall in love. In fact love was the furthest thing from her mind...  until she met Jason Jacobs, a caterer from Louisiana with the most gorgeous blue eyes.

Just as Jason sweeps her off her feet, Keira's best friend Christopher confesses his true feelings, catching Keira completely off guard.

Everything should be perfect, but it's all about to come falling down.


I think I fell in love with Jason Jacobs from the very first moment I saw him. No. In fact, I know I did. He smiled at me with delicate cornflower blue eyes and a flash of perfect white teeth. I saw him out the corner of my eye. He was supposed to be making sure the food was adequately prepared but every now and then I caught him stealing glances at me. It made my nerves stand on end with anticipation. The way he moved intrigued me. He ran his fingers through his messy light brown hair. He was exceptionally tall and ruggedly handsome... Every ounce of him oozed sex.  I was a bit taken aback by the attraction I felt for him. I wasn’t at all experienced with such notions. He wasn’t like any of the guys I had gone to school with; boisterous and hiding behind bravado. His confidence seemed natural. There was something inviting about him.