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Fire and Spark by L. H. Singer
Contemporary romance

Category: Romance Books, eBooks & Novels
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Fire and Spark by L. H. Singer
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Jenni's glad to spend a quiet week helping a friend at a fishing lodge in the off season – at least until Matt arrives. Matt's sudden and unwanted attraction to Jenni just annoys both of them, and Matt gets away as quickly as he can. It's only a week till Jenni's divorce comes through and she's determined to avoid any man who's not interested in her. Besides, Matt's in a long-term-relationship. But an unexpected storm and the need to rescue some campers forces both of them to deal with their ideas of what they really want – and don't want – in life.


The phone rang.

Jenni looked up from sorting fishing lures, eyed it suspiciously, then looked at Emilia. "You can get that," Jenni said.

"Could be a man," Emilia said. "After so long without one, I figure you're checking out any that come by."

"You think I'm nuts?" Jenni said. "Men are something I'm going to avoid for a while. At least till my divorce comes through."

"Avoid men at a fishing lodge? I wouldn’t count on it." Emilia reached for the phone, smiling. "You know, it's darn hard to get good help these days."

"Isn't that the truth." Jenni added. "Technically, of course, you're the help at the lodge, and I'm just the helper's help."

"And lippy, too," Emilia laughed. "I guess I'll let you clean cabin 12. Besides, it's probably just your ex calling anyway."

"That," said Jenni, leaving the rest of the lures on the glass countertop, "isn't funny. It makes cleaning up cabin 12 seem like a picnic." But Emilia was already on the phone, saying "Two-and-a-Half Pine Resort; how may I help you?"

A bald man who'd been inspecting maps in the lodge store nodded to Jenni as she headed for the door to the lodge deck. He had gray curling hair around an expanse of baldness and a short, curly beard. Jenni remembered that her father had once made a joke about bearded bald guys, “He’s not bald; he just has his head on upside down.” Jenni looked down the lake sadly; her father had died the year before, not, as he’d wished, fighting a monster fish on some remote lake but slumped over his desk at work. He and Jenni had had a lot of good times on the lake, when she was young, and once she’d got past her teenage years. Her father had known small boats, wilderness craft, and men – and he’d advised her not to marry Julio. Jenni missed him.