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The Adventures of Cassidy Rayne
By Keith Trimm

Category: Romance Books, eBooks & Novels
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The Adventures of Cassidy Rayne  by Keith Trimm
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Reader age rating 17+

After getting married and having a couple of kids, Cassidy is returning to her career in the adult entertainment business. She gets together with a new photographer and together they embark upon a series of comical escapades during which she confronts an old rival and presents her true colours to everyone she comes across.

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Dressed in her ill-fitting brown uniform, the deputy led Cassidy Rayne (not her real name) to the communal shower and showed her where to undress. Up less than thirty minutes, the newly incarcerated twenty something slipped out of her orange jumpsuit and let it lay on the bench next to a row of lockers. Next to her clothes lay two sets of orange jumpsuits also crumpled and lying in a heap. In the other room, she could hear the sound of water spraying and see steam rolling in, clinging to the ceiling and drifting above her.

“Get in the shower,” the deputy said sternly. “You have twenty minutes.”

Cassidy, head hung low, walked around the corner into the shower room and took in a good whiff of steam. She instantly took notice of the two nude women already embracing each other under a shower head in a soap lather embrace. “What the hell is going on?” she asked the jailer.

“What does it look like?” the jailer replied. “You got eighteen minutes.” That being said, the jailer backed away against the wall keeping an eye on the inmates.

“You expect me to go in there?” Cassidy asked. The jailer looked at her watch and back at Cassidy without saying a word. With no answer, Cassidy slowly stepped over the ledge that kept the water in the bath house and found the shower head the furthest from the couple who were now engaged in some sort of rhythmic grind. Keeping an eye on the two women, Cassidy turned on her shower, brought it to the right temperature and stepped into the stream. Nervously, she looked around for some soap or shampoo and saw none close by. To her dismay, the only bottle she could find was setting on the floor next to the two women who had now taken notice of her.

Trying not to bring any attention to herself, she turned away from the couple and tried her best to rinse off without soap and make due with what she had. It was then she felt the cold plastic bottle touch her back and knew one of the women had brought the soap over. She spun around facing the taller, thinner, better looking woman with her hand outstretched clutching a bottle of body wash.

“We weren’t trying to hog it to ourselves,” the woman said reaching her other hand out and touching Cassidy on the hip.

Cassidy backed up and took the bottle from the woman’s hand. “Thanks,” was all she said and stared past the woman at the other woman who was walking towards them.

“Don’t be scared honey,” the tall woman said. “I don’t bite.”

“Yes she does,” the other woman said with a grin. “I can show you if you want.”

“Thanks for the shampoo,” Cassidy said nervously and waited for the two nude women to leave. They didn’t.

“What are you in for?” the second woman asked as she looked Cassidy up and down like a turkey leg ready to eat.

“Driving on a suspended license,” Cassidy replied.