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A Chance To Love By Amaris Ricci
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A Chance To Love By Amaris Ricci
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Sanora Simmons ran a high priced prostituting ring. She had over five thousand girls working for her but once a year she would make time for the most important person in her life - Chance O’Leary. She longed for him to profess his love for her and he wanted her to be his wife but neither of them wanted to get hurt and before they knew it, years had passed and one of them was yet to make the first move. Sanora was about to be caught up in a twisted family affair. Would she find out who here real mother is?

Would Chance ever let her know how much he loves her?

Would Chance’s sister, finally leave the man she married for the one who holds her heart?

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Chance had bought a three hundred room hotel and set up Sanora with everything she needed. She named the hotel Chance Heights. It was done so that each girl would not have to work every night. They all learned the workings of hotel operations, from cleaning to the Management, the dining room to the administration. You had a choice whether you wanted to just work or prostitute. Funny enough most of the girls opted to work. One stipulation was that you had to get an education and since the hotel had conference facilities it was perfect. Almost.

Sanora was now twenty-five and she longed for Chance to love her. Every year he would come for a visit to check up on finances, bring her gifts from his travels and to take her out to dinner.  He never gave any inkling as to his feelings, so she decided to take matters into her own hands. She left her top executive in charge and flew down to see Chance. She took a taxi to the address on his business card and made her way to his office. When she reached his secretary the woman greeted her with a smile.

“Mr. O'Leary is busy but from the looks of it, I am sure he will want to see you.  He is in a meeting but I will risk getting fired.  I think I need a bathroom break.”  Mrs. Adams giggled and left her desk.

Sanora smiled sweetly and made her way to the large office door, she didn't even knock, she just pushed and went in. the first thing that shocked her was a photograph of her holding a red flower, placed strategically on the wall. It was the first photo he ever took of her.  The second thing was the smile on Chance's face.

A blonde woman sitting next to Chance looked up.

“You can’t come in here like that miss, do you have an appointment?”

“Good morning to you too. There was no one outside and the door wasn’t locked.  Chance if you want me to come back later I will.”