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Dead Love By Amaris Ricci
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Dead Love By Amaris Ricci
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DeCarla Walters will be married in an hour. Problem is she is locked in a sound proof cellar, put there by her twin sister, DeCori who is in love with her fiancé – Jaime Beckles. The only way out is to burn the place down - from the inside. She fills an old bath tub with water and lets it overflow, then she lights the place up. When it gets too hot she submerges herself in the water and prays.

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A call comes through to the Worthing fire station and the only truck available is dispatched within 5 minutes.  Fire Chief Dorian Hayde was sitting in his office when the call came through and when the truck was leaving he was on it as well.  The truck blares the siren and bobs and weaves through traffic to Rendezvous Ridge.  The caller had reported that smoke was seen coming from the basement.  Dorian busted through the front door and called out in case anyone was at home.  He followed the smoke and in a few minutes he felt the heat from the fire.  His men were behind him with the hose and he told them to stand back while he busted down the door.  He made a mental note that the door had been locked with a dead bolt.  The fire wasn’t as bad as they had thought but when he saw the woman floating in the tub, the hairs on the back of his head stood up ...