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Equilibrium By Amaris Ricci
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Equilibrium By Amaris Ricci
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Advisory reader age for this book is 17+

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Catarina Dulles – twenty-four years old, vibrant and her husband Warren at sixty-four years old was no longer able to keep up. He gave her permission to have a lover. The only man she trusts is her best friend – Cole Saunders also twenty-four. Cole has always loved Catarina but he would never risk losing her friendship. He never even hinted that he was interested in anything else. Warren on the other hand saw how he looked at her when her back was turned. So he set his plan in motion and hoped that his death would bring the secret to light and he would leave his wife in the arms of a man she deserved.

Author’s Thoughts:

In life we all need balance. Whether it be work, pleasure, relationships – we all need that focal point which brings our inner peace to the forefront of our existence. Sometimes the scale tips to one side causing chaos and pandemonium, but all we need is to find that one person who brings it all back to a level we can be ultimately satisfied with. It is there we find our Equilibrium.

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Catarina used to be plus size model.  She made quite a fortune from the time she was 16 a fashion designer snatched her up to model his teen lines.  She started to drop weight and the designer dropped her and told her she was too small for his designs.  She continued to drop the weight until she was at a comfortable 175lbs.  By the time she was 21 she had graced every plus size magazine cover in the fashion world.  She met Warren at one of his department store openings.  She was standing at a cocktail table sipping on a Grasshopper while reading one of the brochures.  She turned around to get some finger food and ended up with her drink inside her dress.  She looked up to berate the person who ruined her Versace Baroque Print dress.  The warmth in the honey brown eyes that stared back at her, told her she would fall in love with their owner.