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Dangerous Dealings By Amaris Ricci
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Dangerous Dealings By Amaris Ricci
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Amari Camden rescues a poor family from eviction but the deal is that the beautiful Caitlin Forde leaves her husband. She turns him down cold but her vindictive and greedy husband literally throws her to Amari - for a large sum of money. Their children are not part of the bargain. Going against everything she knows, loves and believes in – she accepts. She knows he will expect sex and she is afraid of what people might think of her.

Caitlin quickly realises Amari is a wonderful person despite the way he took her from her home and her fear of being intimate was replace by a new one. She now fears that her husband will use the children as leverage to get more money from Amari who she is now falling in love with. Will he feel the same way about her? What secrets does the great doctor have that can destroy everything he holds dear? Will Caitlin stay with him when everything is out in the open about how they met and how much money he paid for her?

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Amari Camden is an accomplished Barbadian doctor. He grew up not entirely poor but his mother often struggled to make ends meet.  She got so frustrated at one point she would bring men home when she thought Amari was asleep and they would pay her to have sex. The bills were always paid now and food was always in the house and he got extra allowance.

Amari got up one night to go to the bathroom and the noises he heard coming from his mother's bedroom excited him.  A budding teenager with a new found activity, he was destined for trouble.  When Amari's mother wasn't at home, he would drill a small hole into the wooden wall of her bedroom from his.  He made sure he collected all the dust and washed it down the sink.  His mother's bed was on the far side of her bedroom away from the wall so no matter where he put the hole he would have a great view of what was going on.  Sure enough, late at night he would turn the light off in his room and he would hear voices bypassing his bedroom.  Minutes later he would move the picture and take a look.  What Amari saw the first night more than excited him.  He got so aroused he felt like crying because he didn't know how to make his erection go down.

Every night for the next four years it would be the same thing.  Late at night his mother would bring home the men.  Amari never had to go anywhere to learn about what to do in bed, he learned it right at home. 

One day his mother was rearranging her room and she found the hole.  She went into Amari's room and tried to figure out where it would be.  She moved every photo and when she saw it, her heart broke.  She always thought she was careful but only now she knew the ramifications of her actions.  Amari was now 17 and he wanted to be a doctor and she would let nothing stop him from achieving this.  When he got home from school that day, his mother sat him down