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In Flagrante By Amaris Ricci
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In Flagrante By Amaris Ricci
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Bounty hunter Tyne Fawcett spends her days and nights looking for people. There's a slight difference with her bounty – she gets paid upfront and her criminals are married men and women who are thought to be cheating.

One day a wealthy Moirah Larcone comes into her office at 9am on the dot, and offers to pay double her usual fee if she not only takes photos of Martin Larcone – but she has to send those photos to every media house in the country.

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Tyne accepts but when she poises her camera and starts to snap Martin in the act, she never thought that the person he was cheating with………. would be her husband. She takes as many photos as possible and from outside the house she called Martin.

 “If you don't want your cheating ass all over the 10 o'clock news, have hundred large ones ready to be picked up in half an hour. I'll call you back to give directions.'

 She hung up and puked all over the grass. Composing herself she went home and waited.

 In comes Terrynce, flustered.

“Honey I have something to talk to you about.”

 “Okay.” She thought he was going to spill his guts and beg forgiveness.

 “I need one hundred grand to fund a business deal.”

 She almost choked. Then she smiled sweetly, “How soon do you need it?”

 “Tonight, we can close the deal in a few hours.”

 “Sure, let me go to the bank. Be back in a few.”

 This worked better than she thought she drove a few miles and called Martin.

 “I want half million instead, you have two hours then the photos go live.”

 She calls Moirah. “Your husband is willing to pay half million for these photos.”

 “He has a Swiss account. I will give you the access code. Wait … that’s way more than I’m paying you, what’s the deal?”

 “It's my husband he is with, he came home and asked for the same amount I asked your husband for originally.”

 “I like you, you got a pen?”

 She wrote the info down. She calls a realtor, the bank, the insurance company. She has always known one day she would have to run, her travel documents were always ready. Within two hours she was on her way to Barbados. When she got there she logged into the bank, transferred all her husband's money, hers and their joint account to the Swiss account and then all twenty-five million to a new account and closed it. Then she uploaded the video and photos to sixty-five stations worldwide.  The only problem now is she needs to decide if to keep her baby or not.