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Fluff By Amaris Ricci
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Fluff By Amaris Ricci
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Advisory reader age 17+

t 325lbs and thirty-two years old, Fallon Danero is a confident business woman who is intelligent, witty and sexy in her own right. Underneath that lives an insecure little girl, who has been hurt over and over. Her last relationship left her emotionally broken and when she has finally given up on love, Maxímé Haines storms into her life and blows everything she knows out of the water. He is always telling her how beautiful she is, never once letting anyone insult her. Fallon knows in her heart that Maxímé is the right man for her but he doesn’t seem interested and when she decides to make her move, her heart gets obliterated. Will the drastic changes she makes in her life bring Maxímé around? Or will he break her heart twice?

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Fallon was standing on a private cruise hosted by one of her friends.  She was bored to tears and she decided she needed a stiff drink.  She had just broken up with her last boyfriend when she found out he was not only cheating on her but he was married with four children all under the age of 8 and none of them were from his wife of 10 years.

Since she walked onto the yacht, four men asked her to dance and she refused each one.  She goes to the bar and asks the bartender to surprise her.  Before he could even start mixing up something, a tall dark, sexy muscular piece of meat sits down next to her and orders a drink for her.

"What she really needs is a shot of White Russian, more Russian than white."

The bartender didn't ask her if she agreed, he simply smiled, mixed it, put it on a napkin and pushed it towards her.

"Thank you."

"Don't thank me yet.  Drink up let's dance."

Intrigued by this man who seemed to know what she needed.  She shot the entire drink and got up to dance.

Fallon dances with the young man all night, several times he had to leave and go somewhere but he always came back to dance with her.

When the cruise was over, she looked for the man but she didn't see him.  She walked off the boat and made her way to her SUV.

For the first time in ages, Fallon went out and there was no pressure to be anybody's woman, partner, fun friend or girlfriend.  She enjoyed herself and she had no regrets.  She also knew she would never see the stranger again.

The next day while sitting in her office, her secretary buzzed and said someone was out there to see her.  She said send them in.  She was checking her diary to see if she missed an appointment but she had nothing scheduled for that time.

The door opens and standing there is her stranger.

She sits back in her chair and smiles.