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Cougar Party By Amaris Ricci
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Cougar Party By Amaris Ricci
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Advisory reader age 17+

Women over forty have a secret desire. It's one that you hold in your mind until you can no longer do so. Women have done things in varying manners over the centuries and in these times, there is still the same element of sexual frustration. Women have had children very young and then went on to study after the children reached a certain age. Others developed their careers and businesses then settled down and had their children. The one thing that makes all these women equal is the hot young, sexy men vying for their attention. These young men propose to give them what their husbands and boyfriends can't seem to do. Unrelenting sex or that's what society would have us believe. For centuries we would hear about Kings having harems of young virgins at their beck and call but no one ever talked about the women who lured young men into their bed to satisfy them when their husbands were off conquering nations. In these times when husbands are off travelling, doing big business deals - their wives, ex-wives, sisters, mothers, aunt’s, cousins and girlfriends are attending cougar parties.


Rozario was raised in a good home with both parents, and two siblings.  She never lacked for anything.  She was average throughout school and never managed anything higher than a C.  She started working at her father's office in Belleville when she turned 16 and that's where she met her future husband but not the one she originally picked out.

"Dad, whose he?" 

"That's Victor, youngest doctor I have on staff."


"Hello young lady, are you Dr. Grace's daughter?"

"Yes I am, will you marry me?"

Victor laughed ‘til he had tears in his eyes.

"Have you even been on a date yet? You’re no more than 15."


"You have long before you even think of getting married and besides you aren't my type."

"What's your type?  White, blonde and giggly?"

"No.  Black, older and not the boss's daughter."

"I'm giving you two years then I am coming after you."

"See you in two years."

Rozario was dead serious.  She could see her future as a Doctor's wife as her mother was.  Big house, three children, 4 cars, vacations in Italy.  Yes she could definitely be his wife.  She put her plan into place as she went back to the reception desk to do some filing.

Two years later as promised Rozario came back from college and went to see her father or rather to find out if Donovan was still there waiting for her.  Much to her disappointment, he had just married one of her friends from high school and they were on their honey moon.  Rozario was mad.  She was determined to find a husband and spend her days shopping and living the good life.

Just as she was left her father's office and turned the corner she saw a tall, dark gentleman coming towards her.  He looked about 25, 6ft tall and his jeans fit him as if they were stitched onto him.  He was about to walk past her when he stopped and looked at her.

"Hello miss, can you tell me where Dr. Grace's clinic is?"

"Oh, sure, I just left there, follow me."

"Thanks a lot, I just moved into town and I got lost on the way here.  I hope he isn't totally mad at me for being late."

"Oh he won't he's a nice man."

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