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Blackmail. By Paramita Choudhury
The Mysterious Women Series

Category: Romance Books, eBooks & Novels
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The Mysterious Women Series:Blackmail
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We have always known that love is blind , but is it blind enough for us to fall in love with someone who was meant to be a bait?

Zack Robenstein the CEO of a multimillionaire company has been blackmailed for the a few years for a mistake he had done in the past. Zack is a playboy and never cares to remember the name of the girls who swoon all over him. But now his life changes when he fall for his secretary Miss Sara Aaland, a woman who doesn't seem to care of his handsome features and with a few secrets of her own.

An excerpt from the novella:

In a state of tension she quickly jostled to his chamber without even knocking and then there was a collision and thud. She fell back with her hands supporting her, trying to protect her head from getting smashed, while Zack fell on the other side.Both of them got up slowly, Sara held her head between both hands.  She was a few inches shorter than him, her hazel eyes, pouty lips and auburn hair would make any man fall for her. She was just two years his junior but had more patience than him.  Though Zack felt like he had been hit by a stone yet he acted strong. Sara curled her lips to say something but was snapped by Zack" Are you alright Miss Aaland?" checking her hands with a look of concern in his eyes, staring at her big brown eyes. A feeling of chill ran down her and she almost jumped of his touch. Even at 5 feet 8 she seemed much smaller than Zack, her skin turned even paler due to his touch .It was a familiar feeling she got rid of after a lot of sleepless nights and sleep is something I need now. Her mind raced to a similar event when she was in relationship with Daniel once she tippled in the stairs and the latter saved her. She straightened herself, no this is not going to happen anymore especially not with this person, coming back to present. She had no intentions of getting involved with her boss or any of the coworkers. But in front of this man it seemed quite difficult to keep her guards on. "I am perfectly alright Mr. Robenstein; I think we should move towards the board room", she said with a stern look. He immediately sensed the change in her behavior and thought it was better to do whatever she said, later they could take care of her reactions.

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