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Kiss and Cry. By R. Lorelei
Free YA Romance eBook

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Kiss and Cry By R. Lorelei
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After suffering a bad fall on the ice, Dalia finds herself at crossroads in her life. Ryan a gorgeous stranger gives her an ultimatum, forcing her to choose between himself, a guy who promises her a chance at becoming all that she can be or Adam the boy that she's in love with.

Hearts are broken as Dalia's boundaries and courage are tested in this epic love story. The first in a series.

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Excerpt from the book:

I finished drying my blades and covering them before shoving my figure skates into my bag. The change room was deserted now, because it took me so long just to get ready to leave. Minutes before the Zamboni took to the ice, I fell on my umpteenth attempt at a triple axel. I’ve been working on that jump for over a year now, and I still can’t get it. Competitors two years younger than myself can land it, and make it look easy, so why can’t I do it? Even my parents are getting frustrated watching my multiple attempts. They don’t even come to the rink anymore.

As I got up from the bench, I felt this new pulling sensation in my hamstrings I never felt before. I hobbled out of the change room towards the front doors. Beams of sunlight were streaming through the lobby, I knew if I didn't hurry I was going to be late for school.

My mom’s white Acura was parked by itself at the far end of the parking lot. I cursed myself for not foreseeing the possibility of injury and choosing a spot closer to the front doors. I hobbled through the parking lot with my skating bag slung over my shoulder, each step more painful than the last. I reflected bitterly on my skating career and wondered if it was time to pack it in for a more normal life.

My friend Tara had been encouraging me since freshman year of high school to start spending more time with her. She wanted to go out, do things, meet more boys. I always gave her excuses, hardly finding time to spend with her. Her patience with me was wearing thin, and her dedication to our friendship had been sorely tested multiple times.

As my butt clumsily hit the car seat and a sharper pain went searing down my calf, I swore things were going to be different. I never wanted to set foot in another ice arena for as long as I lived. I stared out the windshield to what appeared to be a promising day and inserted the key into the ignition. The car came to life and I was off to school.

I made it to class ambulating in the hallways like a ninety year old arthritic man with just under two minutes to spare. I carefully lowered myself onto my assigned chair. Homeroom was only ten minutes long so I knew I would have to get up from my chair immediately after making myself comfortable. There was absolutely no reprieve for me today.