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A Secret Kiss. Falling for Sakura series, Book 1
Alexia Praks

Category: Romance Books, eBooks & Novels
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A Secret Kiss - Alexia Praks
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This is the first book in the series, commencing the story of Sakura, a Caucasian-Japanese orphan, and her journey to discover herself. It’s also the tale of her torn love for two wealthy, attractive, and distinctly different brothers.

Excerpt from the book:

The brothers had decided that Sakura was in great danger where Richard Collins was concerned after all. The man was a flirt—even worse than Tristan—and they knew he had his sights set on Sakura the moment he laid eyes on her. He looked like he’d just seen an angel descending from heaven.

Yes, the brothers decided they no longer liked Richard very much. Not that they had ever liked him very much before anyway. They’d always considered him a bit of an oddball and rather fishy. Of course, after they’d seen how he hugged Sakura for a bit too long and how he had his arms around her as if she belonged to him, and of all things gave her a peck on her left cheek? That was the final straw. Their expressions were fouler than the northern storm that was raiding the Scottish sea as they watched Richard taking advantage of their Sakura. Sebastian was all but ready to pull the man away from the helpless girl and throw him into the ocean. Darcy was thinking of giving him a good knock to the face.

“How are you, my dear Sakura?” Richard said, his voice rather too charming for the brothers’ liking. Darcy narrowed his eyes dangerously at Richard. Conrad gritted his teeth in annoyance.

“Richard, you haven’t changed a bit,” Sakura said, all but being squeezed in Richard’s arms. She chuckled uncomfortably and blushed intensely. She surely hoped the brothers weren’t watching them. One glance in their direction, however, told her a different story. They looked as though they were ready for war.

“And you have changed a lot since I last saw you,” Richard remarked. “What? Since you were sixteen? Look at you now, all grown up.” He said the last sentence so softly and so sensually, as though he were caressing every single word with his tongue.

The brothers noticed this, and it bothered the hell out of them—especially Tristan, who scowled darkly. He decided that Richard had improved his flirting technique, and he didn’t like that, especially when used on Sakura.

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