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Secrets. By Charmain Callaway
Free Historical Romance

Category: Historical Romance
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Secrets - Charmain Callaway
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Everyone has secrets.

It was so unfair. Rebecca was sure that after Quintin died, she would be safe. Now, here she was, about to be married again by order of King Henry. There were too many problems, too many secrets that needed to stay hidden. This marriage would threaten those secrets and expose them. She was sure of it. While standing before the priest, she quickly thought of and discarded numerous plans. But one thought always came to the fore. What was her new husband going to do when he discovered her shameful secrets?

This is a prequel to The Legacy. This is Rebecca and Rainier's story.

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Excerpt from the book:

England, 1157

The battle was over. Rainier’s horse carefully picked his way through the bodies and debris which lay in the courtyard as he quickly inspected the remains. It had taken ten days, but the castle walls had finally been breached.

In truth, he could have taken the castle sooner, but he wanted the men inside to worry, to be anxious, and to be afraid. The men had foolishly thought no one knew who or where they were.

But he had found them and patiently tracked them to this keep.

Dougal Castle.

Rainier had studied the surrounding area, and decided to lay a siege against the men instead of an outright attack. He already knew how many men were inside, and that there were neither women nor children. He had also learned how much food and water was inside.

Or rather, how little.

He had smiled.

The men had failed to stockpile needed supplies, not thinking they would be found.

He had decided to wait. He was good at waiting.

He had stopped all wagons delivering supplies. Instead, he used the supplies for his own men, patiently waiting outside.

After the first week, the men inside were suffering. He could hear the arguing over the smallest thing. He noticed the men were weakening, becoming lax in their duty to keep guard on the walls.

On the tenth day, he had waited long enough. His men had quickly scaled the walls and opened the gates.