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The Blood Between Us. By Daniel Devine
Free Paranormal Romance

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The Blood Between Us - Daniel Devine
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Helen is the beautiful elder daughter of the Duke of Engelton. The duke’s title is really just an echo back to ancient days of glory, when their clan was the fiercest of the local tribes. Her father, like his title, is a shrunken shadow of his former self; half the man he was before his wife’s passing years ago. Following her death, the duke has taken to keeping odd hours, active only at night and in the early hours of the day.

It seems that lately everyone in her family has developed their own eccentricities. Her little sister, Ruth, has been exhibiting wild mood swings and a tendency toward dark, vicious humor. How can Helen judge them? She has taken a young vampire as a lover.

Their relationship seems the one positive thing in her dreary life, until she awakens one morning to find her bed empty and the castle awash in screams and blood.     She arrives at the source of the disturbance just in time to see a hooded figure leap from the chaos, pursued by her father’s men. Hissing at the sun, he casts one regretful look back across the room before escaping through a window.

Despite his concealing clothing, Helen recognizes Peter immediately. Her eyes follow his parting gaze and lock with those of her sister. Why would her peaceful lover have suddenly wrought such destruction? And how could Ruth possibly be involved?

She will have answers.

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