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Thorns and Roses By Elizabeth Kazeem
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Category: Women's Fiction
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Thorns and Roses - Elizabeth Kazeem
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A beautiful young woman and an orphan, Melissa lost her parents in a terrible accident. What’s more, her boyfriend broke up with her as soon as he learnt she had leukemia; leaving her lonely and vulnerable.

Melissa's boss insisted on having an affair with her, before he would let her keep her 'just what the doctor ordered' job. She struggled through thorns and roses to survive, bear her sister’s responsibilities, and establish a perfect relationship


The grasses were bright green, with many side growths. The sun gently gave out its light, shinning enough to scare away darkness, but not enough to cause discomfort or excessive tanning to human skin. Chirping of birds acquired attention effortlessly, and twigs break more often than usual. Dorothy Courtney sat on a large base of green, under a big vacation tent, with her husband Davies. It was their twenty-second wedding anniversary and they had gone on a family vacation. Dorothy rested her head against Davies’s broad chest, allowing his hands to do justice to her hair arrangement. It seemed they had just been married a few days before. They were in love. "I'll choose you over and over again Dorothy. You're the reason why I'm thankful for each breath that signifies a new day. You have made me a man, one of purpose. I love you honey," Davies said and lowered his head, taking in her lips in a warm kiss, the umpteenth one since daybreak.

Dorothy teased him. "Look at you, I'll show you both," he said amidst laughter. He pulled Dorothy close and tickled her, stood up and ran after Tara, who was already running off. Dorothy laughed, stood up and ran after the two. "Run baby, daddy is just behind you," she shouted continuously. Davies outran Tara, grabbed her and threw her up. "I won," he said with a big grin. Dorothy ran up to them and sat on the grass, laughing, breathing obvious. “Fine, you won. Now you'll have to carry both of us back there, we are exhausted.

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